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the rubber rose / 917 E street san diego ca 92101 / info@therubberrose.comThe Rubber Rose is a sexuality boutique in San Diego, California. Open since 2006, The Rubber Rose boasts a completely body-safe selection of products, which in an unregulated (and toxic) industry, is a good find for the savvy shopper. A space where healthy and joyous exploration of sex and sexuality is encouraged and embraced, we are determined to radicalize the sex toy industry and encourage people’s vision of the fluidity of sexuality. By staying true to the mission “for all humans, to love, all ways”, The Rubber Rose facilitates the development of a stronger, safer, and more educated, sex positive community. Our gadgets come in a dazzling range of varieties and prices. Quiet, efficient, aerodynamic and unbelievably adorable, all of these modern weapons of mass pleasure are skin safe and non-toxic, many constructed of silicone and all are phthalate-free—a must for the modern, eco-conscious woman and/or couple. Don’t worry though, just because the toys got a make-over and are all cleaned up and pure doesn’t mean you don’t still get down and dirty.